Friday, February 19, 2010

Spud Spenser Wants you!

The biggest news since Conan left NBC, the illustrious Spud Spenser has joined us to cover the Fundspeil Fundraiser with the Fundspiel Forum, here's the latest: The Fundspiel Forum 5 . You might remember Spud from his work with the likes of Steve Inskeep, Barbara Walters and the All Nude Network. Spud is monitoring the events, games and activities under a microscope, with a journalist-razor-blade to the truth. Spud has already broken the news of Maggie getting mad at the staff for "playing on the hill" instead of working, and then he caught Maggie sledding by herself in the middle of the work day. Spud is a member, are you? Click here to see a pictures of Spud working at the All Nude Network.

Fundspeil Forum Archive:
The Fundspiel Forum 5
The Fundspiel Forum 4
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The Fundspiel Forum 1

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