Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's Best Dressed?

By Jennifer Poenix

John Bauer has been feeling the heat lately when it comes to who is best dressed at the KAXE studios. That's because he now has some stiff competition in the form of Steve Downing, aka Guido.

Guido used to appear periodically at KAXE dressed to the nines: crisp shirt, jacket, Garcia tie. He's toned it down quite a bit since he started working here, as you can see by the shirt/sweater combo in this photo.

John Bauer has a similar shirt today, but loses points for no sweater. He gains in the belt department, however. Also, what the picture doesn't show you is the pair of black suede mukluks he's been sporting lately.

They both have expertly styled hair, and they both are sporting a look that says, "Look at me. I'm the best dressed in this office. Way better than Scott Hall, who is wearing a hockey jersey!"

What do YOU think?

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