Thursday, February 18, 2010

What cable channel carries The Fundspiel coverage?

After deciding that all national sports coverage is terrible with way to much talking, and rejecting an offer from the All Porn Network, we've decided to stick with Spud Spenser and the Fundspiel Forum for exclusive coverage. Here's the latest report:
The Fundspiel Forum 4.

Today, Boomer the Groomer is putting in a cross country ski trail that will go down our amphitheater hill, along the river walk, and around the Library. And, we're organizing Dog Sled rides for next week! The Opening Ceremonies for the Fundspiel Fundraiser is tomorrow - all the town teams will be in our grand march, be sure to listen! Events start with Basketball on Saturday, Curling on Sunday and then the big-ticket event, Labyrinth Races on Monday! Listener support is our single largest source of funding and we need new people to join our team and make all of this possible! (click here to pledge). Click here to see a picture of Boomer grooming naked.

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The Fundspiel Forum 4
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