Friday, February 19, 2010

Fundspeil Opening Ceremonies Highlights

by Gail Otteson

The Fundspiel 2010 gave me a chance to do some serious research on the towns in KAXEland, and I found their stories to be as eccentric as the people who live in them...
Togo was established in 1905 in Carpenter Township. It was named by the first postmaster, Miles A. Nelson. Apparently he was not sympathetic to the Russians and named the town after Admiral Togo of the Japanese Navy in honor of his sinking of the Russian fleet in the Russo-Japanese war of 1905.
Blackduck was settled by people from the Crookston area. What I didn't know is that it is the fictional birthplace of the fictional GI Joe character, Charbroil. Charbroil's "real" name is Carl G. Shannon. His military specialty is as a flame weapons specialist. How did he perfect his skill with flame weapons? It was his responsibility to thaw the family water pipes in the basement with a blowtorch. And the rest is history...
Mizpah was settled by hardy types in January of 1900. The Potter brothers, Will, Walter, and Sam promptly built a post office and a sawmill. They chose the name Mizpah, a Hebrew word, to adorn the new settlement. It means "watchtower" and also serves as a parting blessing for peace and safety. Mizpah also holds the state record for the latest recorded snowfall. They got an inch and a half on June 4, 1935.
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